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Cover your Headphones with Stylish Designs available in 5 colors
(Limited Edition)

Be Yourself

Gift Your Loved Ones Something Special. Flex By KiflePods for Beats By Dre, Sony, Bose, JBL, Skullcandy, and many more.

Flex by KiflePods

A stylish and clever solution to keep headphones tangle free. Convenient and so good looking.

Our Partners

Handmade with Love

Show off a little style handmade in Slovenia & The Bronx

The Ultimate Upgrade

Flexible, smooth, and comfortable. The ultimate partner on the go for you & your headphones

Never Compromise Your Style

Be Yourself

Our Guarantee

Locally sourced & produced in Harlem, the Bronx & in Slovenia

Our Guarantee

Reliable, resistant, vegan, and sustainable

Our Guarantee

Protective, washable, removable & hygienic

Our Guarantee

Above the average payment of all our Team Members & Departments