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Harlem Renaissance 2021 Limited Editions

Inspired by and developed in the urban hub that connects us with the past and has created global trends global trends in fashion, music, arts as well as and determined and tackled in brilliant and kind ways global culture, politics, and social issues of all kinds.

Harlem Renaissance 2020 Edition is an homage to the 100 Year Anniversary of this extraordinary mind-changing era. This line is a tribute to the voices of the unheard. It is inspired by the unrewarded sheroes and heroes, and a declaration of love and admiration to Harlem.

5% of the revenue of each design will be contributed to an organization picked by the designated designer.

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Our Guarantee

Locally sourced & produced in Harlem, the Bronx & in Slovenia

Our Guarantee

Reliable, resistant, vegan, and sustainable

Our Guarantee

Protective, washable, removable & hygienic

Our Guarantee

Above the average payment of all our Team Members & Departments