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About our materials

It is very important for us to use and work with material that enables you to live your life to the fullest while your headphones are protected. On top of that, it's crucial for us to protect your health and use materials that are environmentally friendly.
Last but not least, we offer every customer who purchases a new pair of KiflePods and send in their used ones a discount of 10 %. We are responsible from end-to-end for our products.
  • breathable
  • wash-n-wear
  • light
  • easily washable
  • quick-drying
  • unshrinkable
  • soft
  • stain resistant
  • non-absorbent
  • durable
  • flexible
  • hygienic

Our Guarantee

Locally sourced & produced in Harlem, the Bronx & in Slovenia

Our Guarantee

Reliable, resistant, vegan, and sustainable

Our Guarantee

Protective, washable, removable & hygienic

Our Guarantee

Above the average payment of all our Team Members & Departments