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Why We Do The Things

..we do because we believe in lasting empowerment, growth and self determination of individuals and their businesses and brands.

We believe in the advantage of working locally while being an essential element of the world & leaving a positive imprint for generations to come. We act In harmony with the environment.

We believe in the beauty and benefit of intercultural, inter-sectional and cross-generational human connection and the striking amount of power and knowledge inside everyone. We seek to retrieve that unique energy and eventually share it.

We want to create a reasonable environment where our clients can discover, unfold and optimize all their qualities and competencies while strengthening independency.

We want to make life simpler, better, and increase the room for your art to evolve and shine.You came here for a purpose.

Our Guarantee

Locally sourced & produced in Harlem, the Bronx & in Slovenia

Our Guarantee

Reliable, resistant, vegan, and sustainable

Our Guarantee

Protective, washable, removable & hygienic

Our Guarantee

Above the average payment of all our Team Members & Departments