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Patron "Black & Brown Leopard Print " Harlem Renaissance 2021 Edition (Kit)

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No matter what! The softness and coolness brown and black leopard printed faux fur backed by faux leather Patrons are unmatched. Incredibly soft with a subtle luminescence on the faux fur side contrasted by the smooth and subtle texture on the faux leather side.
The steady sound is assured by unique high-quality athletic mesh that is used by professional athletes and high-end brands.

This exclusive and limited super-soft Patron "Harlem Renaissance 2020" edition is inspired by Harlem's visionaries and change-makers like Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington, and many more icons. Harlem's community life has been the birthplace for global trends in fashion, arts, dance, music, culture, sports, literacy, politics for more than a century. Inspired not only by a century of invaluable events and history but also by the ever reinventing spirit and infinite aspiration of these streets of Harlem who still hold so many treasures, untold stories, and well-kept secrets. 

Hear your music, watch your videos and listen to your podcasts whenever and wherever you want to. You choose your style while keeping your ears warm and your precious headphones protected!
5% of this limited edition will be donated to a charity in Harlem/NY.

Our Guarantee

Locally sourced & produced in Harlem, the Bronx & in Slovenia

Our Guarantee

Reliable, resistant, vegan, and sustainable

Our Guarantee

Protective, washable, removable & hygienic

Our Guarantee

Above the average payment of all our Team Members & Departments